Concept Creation for Franchise Restaurants (Checklist)

I Definition

  • Defining the product / concept
  • Defining the target group / criteria regarding location
  • Demand analysis
  • Competition analysis
  • Factors for success and description of benefit
  • Obstacles
  • Rough description of the stages of development
    • time
    • space
    • personnel (centralised tasks, decentralised tasks, outlet)

II Concept of Strategy

  • Vision, SEP, model
  • Goals to optimise the market position (salesplan outlet included)
  • Goals to optimise the internal goals (salesplan head office included)

III Marketing Concept

Local partners and operating companies

Services head office

Mixture of distribution outlet

  • Communication concept for local partners and operating companies
  • Mixture of conditions, starting costs, fixed administration fees, fixed marketing fees
  • Producer / manufacturer
  • Suppliers
  • Handbook that contains the range, menu
  • Corporate design, interior design, technical concept, clothes / dishes, restaurant equipment
  • Electronic points of sale / cash register handbook, maintenance, hotline and training included
  • Outlet accountancy
  • Support of the local partners and training
  • Contract patterns
  • Checkliste Restaurantkontrolle
  • Handbook quality assurance, products, personnel / trainings/ values
  • Franchise handbook, marketing, corporate philosophy
  • Communication concept outlet
  • Mixture of conditions / prices, menu
  • Marketing concept
  • Support of the local partners and training
  • Billboards
  • Decoration of the interior

IV Finances and operations

Separate listings for the head office, the local partners and the outlet

  • Budgeting
  • Targeted costs
  • Targeted turnover and profit
  • Accountancy and controlling
  • Operative planning
  • Performance monitoring

V Result